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Sammantha Trammel, Nutritionist

Sammantha Trammel


Office Locations:  Greenhaven and West Sacramento

Sammantha has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition from Kansas State University and is a NASM certified personal trainer, weight loss specialist, and health and wellness coach. After having children at a young age, Sammantha recognized the need to make time for her own health and wellness. She set forth the goal to become healthier and show her children how important it is to take care of themselves from a place of love and self-care. This began her passion for nutrition, fitness, and helping others.

Sammantha’s work focuses on food as fuel, functional movements, and strength training. She enjoys coaching patients on how to sustainably consume proper nutrients daily in order to feel their best and works with them to overcome barriers throughout the process. She believes everyone should feel empowered and capable on their health journey, and encourages everyone she works with to have the mindset of, “I can.” In her free time, Sammantha spends time with her family and enjoys hiking and exploring the outdoors.