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Important Information for Mothers and Children

As a family practice, one of our main priorities is to make sure that women and their families are well taken care of. Our office not only works to ensure that women’s urgent medical needs are met, but to provide referrals to outside agencies and businesses that may be able to improve our patients’ quality of life. Here are a few examples:

Natomas Pharmacy

Please ask your doctor about switching your prescriptions to Natomas Pharmacy if transportation is a concern. We recommend this pharmacy to anyone who may have difficulty picking up their medicine because they will deliver to anywhere in the greater Sacramento Area. This pharmacy will also work with you to find a delivery time when an appropriate individual is home to receive the prescriptions. This solution is idea for those with busy schedules, without reliable transportation, and seniors and those who have a strict medication schedule.

WIC and CAL Fresh

It’s important to remember that while these programs are a form of need-based aid, you have already paid with your tax dollars for access to these services. Please don’t be ashamed to apply for them. Both programs make it easier for mothers of small children to feed themselves and their families. Most of a child’s brain development is completed by the age of three, and a well-rounded diet is proven to improve the behavior and learning capabilities of children.
If you need any help setting an appointment or completing your paperwork, please email Olivia Garcia at ogarcia@rbmafamilydocs.com to make an appointment.

Sweet Success

Sweet Success provides women with the tools they need to have a successful pregnancy despite gestational diabetes and other health challenges.

Resources For Victims of Abuse

While our office is a legally mandated reporter of abuse of children, we hope that all victims of psychological and physical abuse will see us as a safe place to turn. Your doctor would much rather connect you to resources and aid you in receiving the help that you need to develop a safety plan, than treat your injuries once the abuse has manifested physically (it’s important to know that the vast majority of psychological abusers eventually transition to physical abuse). Please feel free to speak to any of our staff, and we will make sure you receive the assistance you need.


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