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Supplement of The Week- Omega Health

Supplement of The Week    

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Omega Health


Omega Health is an ultra-purified, high-dose omega 3 fish oil supplement

serving essential to everyone as a potent anti-inflammatory agent.


Who Benefits?

  • People with chronic conditions: major anti-inflammatory agent in the body.
  • Diabetics: Increased Insulin Sensitivity, lower blood sugar.
  • High Cholesterol: Lower Triglycerides and increased HDL (good cholesterol).
  • High blood pressure: Shown to lower BP significantly.
  • Mental Health and Wellness Omega-3 makes up approx.  8% of your brain tissue, influencing many conditions including ADHD, fatigue, and depression.
  • Everyone: Shown to prevent sudden death by approx. 50-80%

Our Omega 3 is pharmaceutical grade. Here is what makes ours the best investment to your health:

  • Bio availability : When looking at the label, the only concentrations that matter is the two active forms, EPA and DHA. The overall omega 3 concentration means nothing if it cannot be utilized by the body.
  • Purity: Omega Health uses a three-stage distillation process to ensure that there is a minimal level of Mercury, dioxin, or PCB.
  • Rancidity: Many many supplements may be improperly processed or packaged, leading to dangerous levels of lipid peroxides. Omega Health processes under a nitrogen blanket and packages into a cobalt blue glass to prevent rancidity.
  • Satiability: A common drawback of fish oil supplements if the fish burps or size of the pills, Omega Health controls for both of those.


Ingredients: Fish Oil, Vitamin E, Lemon Flavor, Gelatin, Glycerin, Deionized Water.

Please ask your Doctor  if  Omega Health could benefit you!


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