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Apps to improve your health

Many of us have caught ourselves spending hours scrolling through our phones. There is no shortage of apps to download for our phones, from games to entertainment and even health. Why not put some of that scrolling to use?

Here are free and helpful apps to download depending on your goals:


Weight Management

Losing weight isn’t easy, we know that. Help yourself, by utilizing one of these apps to guide you through the process. Both have customizable weight loss plans, food trackers, and countless tips and recipes. Myfitnesspal stands out due to the fact that it has over 6 million possible food entries, from brand names to restaurants. Lose it! Presents a more user-friendly tracker system, making it very easy to track daily. 



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Lose it!

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Many of us know that activity is beneficial for our health, but where do we begin. Many of us need guidance but don’t want to pay up for or have to see a personal trainer, instead, I recommend taking advantages of these apps. Myfitnesspal, as mentioned above, provides a useful exercise tracker to go hand in hand with its weight loss function. Fitbit app offers many options without purchasing the Fitbit, including exercise trackers and routines. Couch to 5k puts an interesting spin in motivation, coaching you from no activity to being able to do a 5k and onward. Virtuagym offers whole routines, from “Ab Attack” to other home workouts, including how-to instruction for different exercises. 


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Couch to 5k

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Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, stress, and so forth are not just a product of our generation, but have always existed and is now only getting addressed. Help can be found in therapists, family, friends, and apps, yes I said apps. Calm offers many breathing, meditation, and de-stressing techniques. Headspace is very similar but offers a more plan based approach such as a 3-week guide to improved focus and happiness. 7 Cups provide the consumer with direct contact with therapists or listeners, to provide support and somebody to lean on.


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7 Cups


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