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Immune boosting foods

The immune system is your body’s built in protection process.  It helps stop incoming attacks from bacteria and viruses. It can help to reduce the severity of illness, and help you to bounce back after an illness.  Paying attention to your immune system is important, especially when viruses are making the rounds in your community.

Keep in mind that your body absorbs and uses nutrients more effectively when they come from whole food sources like fruits and vegetables, rather than processed foods.  It’s important to focus on getting a wide range of these foods and nutrients in your diet rather than focusing on one or two in large quantities.  Remember that generally the more colorful your plate is with a variety of healthy food choices like those above, the better.

Maintaining good dietary habits can make a difference in how you feel and your general health.  While you can’t prevent all illnesses, taking a proactive approach to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can strengthen your immune system, reduce stress, promote better sleep, prevent injury, alleviate depression, and improve energy levels.

For more tips on helping you and your family eat right, schedule an appointment with our nutritionist, we offer one-on-one appointments in person and telehealth!  Or call River Bend Medical Associates at 916-392-4000


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