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Supplement of The Week — GI Advanced Probiotic

River Bend GI Advanced Probiotic is a must for anyone trying to maintain the integrity of their gut flora. Composed of a special freeze-dried strain of 10 billion non-GMO Saccharomyces boulardii isolated from Litchi fruits.


Who Benefits?

  • An easily irritable gut: Most likely due to years of damage to your gut lining and in most cases isn’t easily repairable without a high quality probiotic.
  • People experiencing diarrhea/constipation : The bacterial strain within GI Advanced has been shown to alleviate many GI related symptoms such as Diarrhea and create a more consistent and stable digestion.
  • Poor immunity: If you’re constantly finding yourself sick it might not be how many times you wash your hands, but the poor mucosal lining of your gut. Your initial defense is your microflora.
  • Preventing bacterial overgrowth: This matters because bacterial overgrowth of bad bacteria can cause inflammation and gas distension, both implications for reduced weight loss!
  • Recently or plan on taking antibiotics: Antibiotics are great for stripping your gut lining of harmful bacteria, but the good bacteria as well. Leaving your gut lining vulnerable for infection or immune problems without a good probiotic to replenish your gut lining.


Our GI Advanced Probiotic is one step ahead the rest:

  • Bio-availability : greater bioavailability than the majority of advanced probiotic on the market!
  • Purity: Isolated directly from non-GMO Litchi fruit. Lactose and Dairy free.
  • Rancidity: Most probiotic supplements on the market are not even active by the time it reaches your tongue. Our GI Probiotic is stored in a oxidative-protective container with a stable shelf life until consumption.

Please ask your Doctor  if   GI Advanced Probiotic could benefit you!


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